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Should I buy a property for investment purposes?

Yes and No. You certainly shouldn’t buy one directly, particularly if you have other income. Why would you buy something that generates more taxable income? However, if you’re not comfortable with alternatives such as equities, maybe do buy but consider using your pension fund. You maximise your current tax position and all income accumulates tax

Switching bank is easy; why is no one doing it?

Simple, there is nothing worth switching to? Where’s the Fintech guys (Financial technology? FinTech or fintech is the new technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services – definition in Wikipedia, with their internet banks? Sold out! The challenger banks have not come here! Why not? The State currently

Why kids ignore pensions

Who on god’s earth would consider making pension contributions when they do not even own a home? The most important investment that people make in our society is their home (if they can afford to). Its the most sensible investment as it gives you an inflation secure tax free investment and you can always live

Long term arrears

A second post crisis legacy (see article dated 02/08/2017 for first legacy) is the long-term arrears issue and the 37,000 people involved.  I say 37,000 but I presume the indirect number is closer to 100,000 of our fellow citizens in misery.  And even if some are trying to game the system, as some parts of our