Who on god’s earth would consider making pension contributions when they do not even own a home? The most important investment that people make in our society is their home (if they can afford to). Its the most sensible investment as it gives you an inflation secure tax free investment and you can always live in it. While pension mortgages existed in the past, they are well gone and were complicated anyway.

There is a very simple solution; create a pension fund that allows individuals to borrow from that pension fund. You can do it in the USA so why not here. At present, our system is geared towards people with money and high income. Young people have no assets and limited income. They need to be incentivized to start saving for retirement and get all the tax benefits that go with that. If our pension saving plans allowed for pausing to buy a home, then I recon we would have a lot more 20 year-olds sign up, get used to making contributions and simply borrow from their own fund for their home deposit.

Come on Government, joined up thinking! Or maybe a bank could design something?