Finally a restructuring option for those struggling with banks or private equity on their family home

  • Is your property worth more than €360,000?
  • Has your debt been sold to a vulture fund?
  • Are you in long term arrears?
  • Not happy with proposed solutions?
  • Like to restructure and get on a firm footing?

homeoptions gives you options!

  • Sell your property to homeoptions.
  • Receive a long term rental arrangement to stay in your home.
  • Obtain the Right-to-Buy back the home for 80% of today’s value.
  • Have your rental payments fixed for five years.


  • Joe owns a property worth €400,000 and owes more than it’s value.
  • The debt has just been sold to a private equity firm or vulture fund.
  • Any restructure offered by the bank in the past did not seem fair to Joe.

The solution!

  • homeoptions buys Joe’s home and leases it to him for a competitive rent – fixed for five years.
  • Joe continues to live in the home with the Right-to-Buy it back at 80% of today’s value.
  • homeoptions pays Joe 70% of today’s value of the property to cover his legal fees and contribute towards a settlement with the private equity firm.
  • Joe continues to treat the property as their home paying all the direct and maintenance costs.
  • Joe can buy back the property after 2 years or let the arrangement run the full five years.
  • Many more options at the end of five years.

Contact us

Email us in complete confidence at setting out:

  • Estimated value of home.
  • The address.
  • Who holds the mortgage on your home.